Weight Reduction

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Weight Reduction

Lightweight materials an important topic in automotive

From the first machines and vehicles made of heavy steel to our days, the evolution in industry has always been bound to the concept of weight reduction. Nowadays, Weigh Reduction is key for performance components, thanks to the consequent reduction in energy consumption, emissions and improved dynamic performance.

The design of the components and the choice of materials play a fundamental role, by using our Weight Reduction polyamide based materials, a 10 to 20% weight can be saved.

NUREL offers different solutions on its Promyde® Weight Reduction portfolio:

  • Nano Clay Fortified PA6: Special nano size clay particles chemically bonded to the polymer matrix. It’s 17% lighter than 30% mineral filled or 30 % glass bead filled PA 6/66. Mechanical performance is maintained and presents light blocking properties.
  • WR Glass Reinforced PA6: A 10% lighter weight alternative to the conventional 25-30% glass fiber filled polyamides.
  • Glass & Mineral Reinforced PA: A combination of both technologies than can provide up to -20% weight reduction.
  • Natural Fibers Reinforced PA: a NEW product range including PA compounds with a considerable weight reduction and a renewable content from 15 to 30%.
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