Thermal conductive compounds

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Thermal conductive compounds

Conductive compounds adjustable to your needs

NUREL offers a new range of compounds with added heat-conducting properties suitable to provide solutions to new applications where heat dissipation is sought. Our new range of Promyde® PA6 compounds can reach values of thermal conductivity of between 1 to 10 W/mK, offering many advantages compared to metallic materials.

  • Reduction of weight
  • Low thermal expansion values
  • High chemical resistance in aggressive environments
  • Possibility of combining electrical insulation with thermal conductivity
  • Black or colored
  • Overall cost reduction for the manufacturing process
  • Complex geometries can be easily achieved

Promyde conductive compounds can be used to replace metals on many applications where conductivity is required, also offering sustainable advantages such as reduction of waste and easy waste management, and chemicals and energy savings comparing to any metal production process.

Thanks to this, our thermal conductive compounds, are an awesome solution for over-molding electrical components, heat sinks in electric motors, processors, circuit, LED lamps, etc.

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