Sealing Films

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Sealing Films

Low melting temperature copolyamides

Most packaging solutions require of the combination of several polymers layers in order to achieve the necessary technical requirements. In coextrusion film structures, polyamides are used for their mechanical and barrier properties. Polyamide it is normally used in combination with polyethylene for its sealing properties. Nowadays, there is a tendency to avoid the use of this type of multimaterial packaging since they are not sustainable since they cannot be recycled.

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Promyde® , now offer a new technical solutionPromyde BF745 sealeable copolyamides that thanks to a lower melting temperature can be sealed at 175ºCPromyde BF745 is specially formulated for the production of thermoforming films and vacuum bags for food applications.

With excellent mechanical, optical and barrier properties, it is highly recommended for the manufacture of lighter monomaterial polyamide containers.


  • Sealing ability at 175°C (26-29 MPa tensile strength)
  • Thin thicknesses
  • Suitable for sterilization applications
  • High transparency
  • Low curling
  • Greater barrier to gases
NUREL Engineering Polymers Sealing Films: Melting Temperature
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