Improved Transparency

Nurel improved transparency

Improved Transparency

Strong and resistant semi-crystalline polyamide

Our experience in polymers' chemistry and polymerization brings to the market strong and resistant transparent materials with new possibilities for new projects and designs.

NUREL is able to modify Promyde polymer crystallization capabilities in order to offer new materials with transparent properties.

Promyde B930 P is been specially desigend for applications where extra transparency is desired over conventional PA6 applications. B930 P is a semi-crystalline polymer and it is recommended for applications under 60ºC and up to 2 mm thick.

With a 7% haze value Promyde B930 P gives a clear transparency with an attractive but slight tinge of blue.

Main applications include automotive applications such as decorative surfaces and liquid level indicators; window and inspection glassesflow meters or ink cartridges for printers.

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