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Barrier Solutions

Copolyamides to improve O2 barrier and CO2 permeability

Polyamides are used in food packaging both for their mechanical properties, as well as for their resistance to breakage, perforation and for their barrier properties. NUREL, instroduces two new innovative solutions to improve the barrier properties of polyamides. Promyde® BF740 is a new copolyamide developed to improve the oxygen barrier and Promyde BF640 has been specially formulated for applications that require permeability to CO2.

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Promyde BF740 and Promyde BF745 are the solution for those packages that require an oxygen barrier in order to extend the lifetime of food. In multilayer structures, these copolyamides allow to reduce the thickness of the polyamide layer by 50-60%, while maintaining the barrier properties. The resulting containers have a lower carbon footprint thus they are lighter and generate less waste, according to the new packaging design recommendations set out by the EU.

Unlike traditional polyamides, these copolyamides preserve the oxygen barrier even at high ambient humidity conditions, being a highly valued solution for packaging that undergoes heat treatments such as pasteurization and sterilization.


There are foods that during their preservation period generate CO2 or other gases, such as cheeses and poultry. This causes that, after several days of storage, the containers inflate, thus losing their effectiveness.

Specifically, Promyde BF640 is the material of choice for premium cheese packaging that must respect the maturing process of the product. Thanks to their modified permeability to CO2, films made with our BF640 copolyamide allow the release of gases from the cheese during its maturation.

Additionally, Promyde BF640 features a high transparency, superior puncture resistance and tear resistance 4 times higher than standard polyamide.


  • Low melting temperature that allows sealing
  • Excellent mechanical properties: resistance to breakage and puncture
  • Good thermoforming for trays manufacturing
  • Transparency and shine
  • Thermal resistance to pasteurization or sterilization processes
  • These products are recommended for retort packaging


Promyde BF740 is designed for the production of transparent bottles with barrier properties that preserve liquids, such as flavored mineral water, egg white and non-dairy milk, from oxidation.

In this type of blown coextrusion applications, Promyde BF740 provides the necessary oxygen barrier to preserve certain liquids that deteriorate easily.


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