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PBT, PET & PBT/PET Compounds

Terylene compounds for electrical & electronic applications

The combination of synergies within the SAMCA Group and new investments in our extrusion facilities, has allowed us to increase our offer of technical polymers for injection molding with a new range of PBT, PET and PBT/PET compounds, under our Terylene® brand.

Surely, many items made with our Terylene® compounds are part of your day to day and are close to you in multiple applications such as switches, sockets, keyboards or parts of the new electric cars. At NUREL Polymers, we work every day to provide you with new solutions for the new upcomming challenges.

Terylene's range of compounds offers unreinforced and glass fiber reinforced grades as well as fire retardant halogen free and hydrolysis resistant grades for the most demanding applications. All Terylene compounds are also available in different colors.



  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • High stiffness and resistance
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Dimensional stability
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Easy processing in both injection and extrusion applications
  • Provide optimum heat resistance
  • Grades with optimal flame resistance. Halogen-free flame retardant technology
  • Suitable for food contact


Terylene® presents a wide range of fiberglass reinforced products, from 10% to 60%.

These products show an excellent compromise between stiffness, strength and cost. In addition, the low intrinsic moisture absorption of PBT and PET polymers, allows us to offer a range of reinforced compounds whose properties remain unaltered during the lifespan of the products.

Thanks to our advanced compounding technology, all Terylene types offer an excellent surface finish, including grades with a higher fiberglass content.

Our fiberglass reinforced range presents PBT, PET and PBT/PET compounds with different grades of reinforcement G30, G40 and G50, e.g. our grades Terylene PBT B95 P2 G30, Terylene PET A95 P2 G30 and Terylene PBT/PET B55 P2 G30.

For those applications requiring electromagnetic shielding, we have recently developed a range of high-performance products reinforced with steel fiber: Terylene B95 P2 SF10 and B95 P2 SF10 U0.

Terylene Grades comparative


Terylene® offers a wide range of flame retardant PBT and PET components for the most demanding electrical and electronic applications. Flame retardant PBT and PET compounds are used for the manufacture of circuit breakers, connectors, industrial plugs and electronic switching elements, as well as for high voltage applications.

All our flame retardant developments comply with the most demanding market standards: V0 self-extinguishing and resistance to incandescent wire (GWFI) up to 960ºC.

Our Terylene Flame Retardant (FR) product range features unreinforced PBT FR grades, and glass fiber reinforced PBT FR and PET FR grades to meet a wide range of applications.

Our knowledge in polymer engineering and a meticulous selection of additives allow us to combine excellent mechanical properties with a high degree of flame retardancy.

In line with NUREL's commitment to environmental sustainability, all of our Terylene FR grades are also available halogen-free; e.g. Terylene B95 P2 U0 and B95 P2 G30 U0 that offer a lower density together with a high CTI (Comparative tracking index).

Terylene Grades comparative
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