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Recycled PA6 and PA66 compounds

Recomyde: Recycled PolyamideReco compounds

Recent investments in new compounding and recycling lines, which NUREL POLYMERS has carried out in recent years, allow us to present a range of compounds based on recycled polyamides.

Under our Recomyde® brand, NUREL offers a wide range of customized and solutions in recycled PA6 and PA66. Recomyde has very stable products with an environmentally friendly life cycle, without compromising quality and of course performance. Our range of recycled polyamide compounds includes lubricated and reinforced grades.

This new product line aims to offer high quality polyamide compounds with the commitment to reduce CO2 emissions and water consumption. Recomyde is manufactured using 100% renewable energy.

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Recomyde Recyled PA Compounds Chips Granulate
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Recomyde® is the material of choice for those converters seeking sustainable & cost-effective solutions

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