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Polyamide 6 and engieneering compounds of PA6 & PA66

Our Promyde® product range encompasses innovative polyamide 6 and 66 solutions.

Thanks to our versatile polymerization lines, post-condensation units and state-of-the-art compounding facilities, NUREL provides a complete range of PA6 and Pa66 products covering a wide range of viscosities and additive packages that meet the requirements of the more demanding applications.

Promyde is the result of 50 years of experience in the production of high performance polyamides designed for both injection molding and extrusion processes.

Our R&D efforts developing new solutions through the modification of the polymer chain and the correct choice of additives and reinforcements, make Promyde an excellent choice.


Promyde® is the material of choice for the manufacture of parts and components for the industry in general, for electrical and electronic applications, parts for automotive or for consumer goods; always combining profitability with a high performance.

Our product range is very broad, ranging from unreinforced grades to highly reinforced polyamides, low and high viscosity grades, as well as high flow grades.. Our portfolio also includes products with flame retardancy properties, impact modified, grades with thermal stabilization, resistance to hydrolysis, polyamides with thermal and / or electrical conductivity and transparent polyamides.

Our reinforced polyamide portfolio includes materials with high fiberglass content, mineral fillers and also flame retardant solutions.

In addition, all these additive packs can be combined with our Promyde High Flow products, maintaining the same mechanical properties of a conventional PA6, but with a lower cycle time and closing force.


Promyde®'s product range for extrusion covers grades from relative viscosity 3.3 to 5.0.

One of the main applications of polyamide 6 is the manufacture of packaging films. Our R&D&i department has developed a wide range of specific products to provide films with special properties in order to preserve and extend the self life of food, such as solutions with an improved oxygen barrier, with low curling, and even additivated polyamides for the manufacture of active packaging. 

In addition, NUREL is firmly committed to sustainable packaging, providing solutions that facilitate the recycling of packaging and reduce its carbon footprint.

Our filament extrusion integration, allows us to present an effective polymer range for the manufacture of mono and multi filament, as well as new grades for 3D printing filament manufacturing. 

Additionally, Promyde offers specific grades for extrusion of cable and tube coating, extrusion of bars and sheets and profilesextrusion; as well as for extrusion-blown moulding of hollow parts.

Promyde PA 6 & 66 Polymerization Facilities