NUREL Promyde® Polyamide 6 and 66 Products
Promyde® polyamides
Technical Polymers. Polyamide 6 & 66 for extrusion and injection moulding
Promyde® for electrical, automotive and general industry parts, combining cost effectiveness with performance
Injected part made of Promyde
Promyde® portfolio of polyamide film extrusion grades with a wide range of viscosities and different additive packages
Promyde polyamide for film packaging extrusion
Promyde® introduces specific polymer solutions for cable jacketing, flexible tubes and corrugated pipes extrusion
Promyde polyamides for cable and tube extrusion
Thanks to our vast experience on the textile industrile Promyde® portfolio comprises the right choice of products for both mono and multifilament spinning
Promyde polyamide 6 for fiber extrusion
Promyde® product rage offers temperature resistance and optimal mechanical performace
Promyde polyamides for extrusion blown moulding
Promyde® has key properties for extrusion applications such as profiles, tubes, rods or sheets
Promyde polyamides for semi-finished
Designed solutions for extrusion and injection moulding developed by our R&D team to enhance the standard polyamide properties
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Promyde Polyamide polymer 6 & 66