NUREL Research & Development


New product development

New Product Development

For new product development we start from a customer request, based on the end-use of the product, processing method and requirements. We start working on the product definition, and propose a new formulation thanks to our polymer chemistry know-how.

We design the process from lab scale to industrial scale, and prepare a sample for the customer approval. Once we confirm that the material is approved at the customer, we run an industrial production. Our technical capacity for the development of new products, together with versatility, innovation and quality consistency, deliver in a reduced time-to-market.

Characterization laboratory

Our laboratory is fully equipped in order to achieve a complete mechanical and chemical characterization of every polymer for any application. This information helps us to assure the quality of our products, and it is also used to support any customer project or demand.

NUREL Research & Development

Our R&D team works closely with the customer at every stage of the process: starting with the project definition, product modelling, pilot prototyping, industrial scale-up and product approval

Polymerization facilities

  • Lab-scale polycondensation reactor: Batch reactor designed for the product definition at lab-scale
  • Pilot-scale polymerization plant: Universal polymerization pilot plant, integrated by a batch reactor, distillation tower condensers, automatic valves, vacuum line, extrusion and cutting system
  • Solid state postcondensation pilot plant: This equipment is optimum to dry or post condensate polymers in solid state

Plastics processing units

  • Pilot-scale twin screw compounder: Twin screw extruder designed for the production of plastic compounds, blends and masterbatches. Its main applications are the development of new products and sample production, or small batch production of engineering plastics
  • Injection moulding machine: Its main function is the production of test samples or small parts
  • Cast and Blown film pilot lines: Designed forproduct development and sample production