NUREL Engineering Polymers Company


50 Years expertise in polymer production

As part of SAMCA, a solid industrial group, NUREL has 50 years of experience in polymerization.

NUREL started its operations producing polyamides in 1968. With the acquisition in 1999 by SAMCA, continuous investments in technology and capacity have reinforced NUREL’s presence as an Engineering Thermoplastics producer.

Over the years NUREL has achieved an extensive know-how of polymer chemistry and has placed all this knowledge to service our customers by developing specific polyamides for any extrusion and injection application.

NUREL Engineering Polymers Company

Promyde: Polyamide solutions

Our Promyde® trademark encompasses innovative polyamide 6 and 66 solutions.

Promyde is the result of 50 years of experience producing high performance polyamides. Thanks to our versatile polymerization lines, post-condensation units and state-of-the-art compounding facilities, NUREL brings to the market PA6 and 66 products with a wide range of viscosities and additive packages.

Our R&D team focus on developing new solutions through polymer chain modification and the right choice of additivation packages in order to achive the requirements of the most demanding injection and extrusion applications.

Continuous reinvestments

SAMCA's priority corporate policy is to constantly support the group's research and development activity along with the constant reinvestment of profits on state-of-the-art technologies.

Recent investment in a new compounding and recycling units, has allowed NUREL to introduce a new product range, called Recomyde®, based on recycled polyamides.

Taking advantage of our vertical integration in filament extrusion, Recomyde uses our discarded nylon bobbins as raw material offering customized recycled compounds for injection moulding applications.

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