NUREL Engineering Polymers for Industrial Bearings


One grade for each application requirement

Promyde® provides efficient solutions to every need by means of an extensive range of polyamides 6 & 66, modified with specials properties or reinforced, suitable to the most chalenging application requirements. The unique properties of Promyde polymers and compounds are the materials of choice for machines and mechanisms parts production, behaving very satisfactory in a wide range of temperatures.

From the idea to the piece, at every moment of the project, our R&D team accompanies our clients by tailoring the polyamide 6 grade according to their needs. Promyde offers a wide range of solutions from food contact types to high impact at low temperatures.

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To satisfy the most demanding needs in the industry, we have developed Promyde Nano Clay grades, a range of PA6 with nanoparticles that offers a similar density to the standard polyamide but with properties close to mineral charged grades.

In addition, our range of High Flow PA6 features a high fluidity, a lower processing temperature  and a reduction of cycle; therefore an improvement in production costs.

Following the current market trends, NUREL offers polymers with improved transparency and a wide range of conductive compounds, developed thanks to the modification of the crystallization capacity and its conductive properties.


  • Impact resistance even at low temperatures
  • From high rigidity to elasticity grades
  • Abrasion resistance for long durability
  • Dimensional stability thanks to processing at low temperatures
  • Excellent surface finish in degrees with and without reinforcement
  • Weight reduction of our WR range
  • Cost reduction in energy consumption and cycle time with polyamide High Flow
  • Range of colors upon request. Even transparent polyamides
  • Tailor made solutions to fulfill every requirement

Promyde a tailor made solution for each polyamide requirement

NUREL Engineering Polymers for Industrial Parts
NUREL Engineering Polymers for Industrial Parts