Leisure & Sports

Leisure & Sports

Customizing your performance with polyamide comounds

Engineering plastics have been gaining ground in the world of sports thanks to their better performance compared to conventional materials, helping athletes to set new records. Polyamides especially contribute to this evolution due to their excellent mechanical properties.

At NUREL we can adapt the properties of our Polyamide and PBT, PET and PBT/PET compounds to the requirements of each sports application, thus helping to improve the performance of your product in a personalized way and with high-quality finishes. 

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Promyde PA6 & 66 portfolio offers a variety of products from flexible and high tenacity polyamide at low temperatures, to ensure the comfort and durability in ski and snowboard components such as bindings and boots.  Our product range also includes high stiffness grades and wear resistant grades for bicycles and skates parts, as well as for helmets, pads and protective gears. 

Promyde also brings excellent surface finish in exclusive colours, even transparent grades, as it is demanded for goggles and sunglasses. 

We can also help lighten your products with our innovative range of weight reduction materials. As well as optimizing its performance in the injection process with our High Flow PA6, reducing energy consumption and cycle time, also improving the dimensional stability of its parts.


  • Impact resistance even at low temperatures
  • From high stiffness to elasticity
  • Wear resistance for long life
  • Dimensional stability thanks to lower processing temperature 
  • Excellent surface finish in filled and unfilled grades
  • Weight reduction from our WR materials
  • Cost savings in energy consumption and cycle time reduction with High Flow PA
  • Colour spectrum at customer demand
  • Even transparent polyamide
  • Tailor-made materials for your specific requirements

High quality PA tailor made solutions for the most demanding needs

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