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Polymers provide excellent electrical insulation properties. However, this can lead to the accumulation of electrical charges and overheated parts and consequently to safety issues, especially in the home appliances sector.

Promyde® offers a wide range of Flame Retardant polyamide products for these challenging applications. Promyde PA6 and PA66 range offers unreinforced and reinforced grades with different types of glass fibers or mineral fillers, among other reinforcements.

Promyde offers solutions for all levels of flame retardancy required, from the most basic to those that achieve the highest degree of flame resistance for the most demanding applications, with a V0 classification in UL94 and a Glow Wire Flammability Index (GWFI) up to 960°C. These excellent flame retardant properties cover all the needs of E&E applications.

These products are characterized by a high CTI up to 600V. Moreover, Promyde fulfils the IEC 60335 for household appliances which operate unattended, and GWIT 775 (IEC 60695-2-13) for those through which high currents flow.

Terylene® PBT compounds range, includes a reinforced with steel fibers grade to improve electrical conductivity and shielding from electromagnetic emissions. This product also achieves V0 UL94 rating.

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