Sheets & Profiles

Sheets & Profiles

Thermal breaks in efficient heating

NUREL has achieved an extensive know-how of polymer chemistry and has placed all this knowledge to service of our customers by developing specific polymers for extrusion applications.

The construction industry applies and installs Promyde® in the form of sheets for decorative exterior panels of buildings. Polyamide profiles are used between aluminum frames in buildings for insulation purposes.

Aluminum has replaced wood in building window frames. However, when a conductive metallic material is surrounded by less thermal conductive materials a thermal bridge is created where cold can pass.

Promyde is used between aluminum window frames in the form of profiles which break the cold bridge and improves the thermal efficiency of buildings.

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Promyde’s product portfolio offers different additivation packages depending on the end market. Increased lifetime and durability are a must for outdoor applications. NUREL provides specific solutions for UV protection.


  • Home and building insulation
  • Keeping you warm with lower energy cost
  • Breaking thermal bridges in metallic building frames and structures 
  • Decorating buildings combining installation benefits with decoration and insulation

Meeting precise extrusion processing parameters with Promyde® PA6

NUREL Engineering Polymers Sheets & Profiles
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