Rods & Stock Shapes

Rods & Stock Shapes

Promyde in precision extrusion

Also known as semi-finished productsPromyde® polyamide 6 is used by the market leading producers of extruded solid bars and rods which are then machined into finished parts as components for machinery and other industrial hardware use.

Transportation vehicles, from ships to trains can all contain machined parts also introduced into automated devises or machines for reliable function.

In time / on time NUREL service, enables players in the stock shapes industry to keep their inventories low whilst Promyde delivers consistent performance within narrow extrusion processing parameters optimizing all round efficiency.

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Promyde is the material of choice for engineering plastics parts due to its excellent properties such us a remarkable stiffness, strength, hardness, wear resistance, sliding properties, chemical resistance and thermal stability.

Our PA6 range for extrusion including viscosities from 3.3 to 5.0, is the right choice for the manufacture of machined engineering parts through semi-finished bars. 

Promydereinforced and unreinforced PA6, can be used in the production of rings in static applications for support, for separation or for thermal and chemical barriers.


  • Abrasion resistance forming parts of machines
  • Ductile to create stock shapes from solid rods
  • Tough and strong for industrial hardware

Promyde: a key quality supply partner in European stock shapes.

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