Extrusion Blown moulding


Excellent performance and barrier properties

From large agrochemical packaging, small bottles, to cooling systems in vehicles, parts are blown into shape rather than molded. Promyde® combines both the required viscosity and elasticity to be blown into polyamide extrusion blow molding applications.

Temperature resistance and mechanical performance after heat ageing is seeing the use of PA grow in blow moulding applications in the automotive industry. For example; air intake manifolds, exhaust intercoolers, turbochargers and compressed air tanks.


NUREL Engineering Polymers experts are dedicated to cross the bridge between development and markets providing material solutions to design problems and also delivering conventional cost effective materials for common uses.

Promyde B40 P2 HI es nuestro producto de moldeo por soplado estándar, además nuestra gama de productos incluye otros tipos diseñados para requisitos técnicos más específicos como Promyde B50 P2 HI y B40 P2 HI.


  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Oxygen barrier properties together with blow moulding properties makes Promyde the material of choice for fuels and agrochemicals packaging
  • It has a high viscosity index and good elastic properties that enables to be first extruded then blown with high performance

In house polymer and recipe modifications adapting to design requests

Promyde for extrusion blown moulding
Promyde for extrusion blown moulding