Injection Moulding Specialties

Promyde® High Flow grades: Substituting conventional PA6 & PA66

Process at 250ºC & reduce cycle time 30%

Promyde® B300 types can be processed at much lower temperatures than conventional PA6 & PA66 improving cycle times up to 30%.

Companies can also set a 30% lower Clamp Force by keeping their processing temperatures as usual. This permits the use of smaller machines.

High Flow B300 types have a different polymer matrix to both standard PA6 and competitors High Flow types, delivering both mechanical performance and increased production capabilities.

B300 is a recommended alternative to both PA66 and conventional unfilled PA6 types.

Promyde High Flow B300 performs just as well as their conventional partners even in demanding cycle fatigue tests.

Polyamide 6 Promyde High Flow
High flow: less clamp force

Polyamide Weight Reduction solutions

Lightweight materials an important topic in automotive

From the first machines and vehicles made of heavy steel to our days, the evolution in industry has always been bounded to the concept of weight reduction.

Weigh Reduction is key for performance components, and especially relevant in the awareness of these days for energy consumption, dynamic performance and emissions.

Of course, the design of components is relevant, but the chosen materials are too. By using our Weight Reduction polyamide based materials, a 10 to 20% weight can be saved.

NUREL offers different solutions on its Promyde® Weight Reduction portfolio:

Nano Clay Fortified PA6: Special nano size clay particles chemically bonded to the polymer matrix. It’s 17% lighter than 30% mineral filled or 30 % glass bead filled PA 6/66. Mechanical performance is mantained and presents light blocking properties.

WR Glass Reinforced PA6:  A 10% lighter weight alternative to the conventional 25-30% glass fiber filled polyamides.

Glass & Mineral Reinforced PA:  A combination of both technologies than can provide up to -20% weight reduction.

Natural Fibers Reinforced PA: a NEW product range including PA compounds with a considerable weight reduction and a renewable content from 15 to 30%.

Weight reduction Polyamide Car Parts
Promyde Weight Reduction Polyamides

Improved transparency with Promyde®

Strong and resistant semi-crystalline polyamide

Recent market requests, asking for transparent polyamides, have coincided with NUREL's continued development program.

Our experience in polymers' chemistry and polimerization brings to the market strong and resistant transparent materials with new possibilistes for new projects and designs.

NUREL is able to modify Promyde's polymer crystalation capabilities in order to offer new materials with transparent properties.

Promyde B930 P is available upon request for applications where extra transparency is desired over conventional PA6 applications. B930 P is a semi-crystalline polymer. It is recommended for applications under 60ºC and up to 2 mm thick.

With a 7% haze value Promyde B930 P gives a clear trasparency with an attractive but vague tinge of blue.

Main applications include Automotive applications such us decorative surfaces and liquid level indicators; window and inspection glasses, flow meters or ink cartridges for printers.

Promyde semi-cristaline transparent polyamide
PA transparent grades

Conductive compounds adjustable to your needs

Promyde® PA6 Electrical and Thermal conductive compounds

In response to a growing demand in the electrical, electronic and automotive sectors, where weight limitation and design requirements are becoming stronger, NUREL works in the development of new materials with controlled thermal and electrical properties.

Electrical conductivity

Currently we can offer PA6 polymers with wide range of electrical conductivity, from antistatic grades to highly conductive grades (from 10 to 10 ^ 12 Ohm), with the possibility of being coloured.

Electrical conductive compounds are used for applications such as electrostatic painting parts, very fine electronic parts or electrostatic surfaces for medical applications.

Thermal conductivity

NUREL offers the possibility of adding heat-conducting properties to our polymers to help dissipate the heat caused by electrical and electronic circuits. Our new range of Promyde® PA6 compounds can reach values of thermal conductivity of between 2 to 10 W / mK, offering a wide range of products for black or also for coloured parts.

The thermo-conductive plastics can obtain a considerable reduction of weight thanks to the substitution of metallic pieces. Thermoconductive materials are mainly used for heat sinks in electric motors, circuits or lamps.

Promyde® conductive polyamide polymers
Promyde thermal and electrical conductive PA