Electrical & Electronical Compounds

Electrical Promyde Polyamide Part

PROMYDE PA6 and PA66 compounds

Promyde PA6 & PA66 form an established comprehensive polyamide product range.

Promyde PA6 & PA66 unfilled and glass filled products with V0 flame retardant property and Glow Wire Flammability of 960ºC cover the wide range of E&E applications. Delivering to the needs of a mature market with conventional and innovative parts HL3 status for EN45545. All our product range is available in colours

Promyde B30 P2 U0 T is a polyamide 6 with high mechanical strength, flexibility and improved toughness even in the most challenging conditions. Its halogen free flame retardant system enhances its flame behaviour to V0 and 960ºC GWFI. This grade shows a perfect combination between low smoke toxicity, low smoke density and Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI), achieving HL3 rate for EN45545 test.  Additionally, crease, torsion and tensile tests carried out in our laboratory performed an excellent hinge effect and rigidity at temperatures below zero.

Benefits by using Promyde compounds
  • Durable. Strong & Tough for housings and protective parts
  • Providing good electrical insulation and heat resistance for working appliances
  • Flame retardant types for electrical connectors
  • Halogen free flame retardant system
Certifications and tests

Promyde complies to strict Underwriters Laboratories (UL) flammability safety tests UL 94, and Glow Wire testing methods for both. Achieving HL3 status for EN45545.

TERYLENE PBT and PET compounds

Combining upstream synergies within the SAMCA group with our sister company producing PET, and downstream integration in compounding, allow us to widen our offer for the injection moulding industry with a new range of PBT and PET compounds.

Terylene PBT B95 products include Unfilled and Glass filled types with V0, V2 & HB FR properties. GWFI 960ºC. Various thickness certified. Including under 1mm.

Benefits by using Terylene compounds

These interesting products combine excellent mechanical properties with low water absorption and flame retardant properties delivering solutions for shifts in polymer tendencies and new design possibilities in the constantly developing and changing industry.

Main applications for the E&E industry

  • Lower voltage plugs, connectors, sockets & connection panels
  • Circuit & surge protection
  • Selection matrix & configurators
  • Terminal blocks
  • Distributor systems. Cable junction boxes
  • Switch gears & circuit breakers 
  • LED-industrial products
  • Safety lighting
  • Components and accessories
  • Housings & functional parts, eg.: motor parts
  • Cable clamps, glands, and cable management systems
  • Attended and unattended apparatus

PA6 Electrical and Thermal conductive compounds adjustable to your needs

Thermo and Electrically Conductive materials are our new proposal to further assist E&E development with Thermal Conductive through plane values from 1-4,5 W/mk. Electrically Conductive Compounds with Surface Resistances between from 10 to 1012 ohm.

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