Promyde Polyamide for automotive

Improving your design from the inside

Lighter means better fuel economy and lower emissions. As our PA reinforced grades are increasingly being considered in metal replacement projects due to their outstanding mechanical properties and wear resistance, our Weight Reduction polyamides go one step forward.

Promyde Nano Clay PA6, which has improved mechanical properties being lighter than the reinforced grades. As it’s got also partial light blocking properties, another advantage for lighting components, field in which we can also collaborate with our electrical and thermal conductivity polyamide.

For processing performance, our Promyde High Flow polyamides, bring cost decrease by cycle time and energy consumption reduction, as requested for mass production components.

Benefiting also from more dimensionally stable components and better surface finish as lower processing temperatures are required. Moreover, for a last surface finish upgrade in reinforced polyamide, we got developed improved surface finish ‘S’ glass fiber grades. As demanded for visual parts in interior/exterior.

We can also provide alternative and also first quality sourced materials, INZEA and Recomyde, for increasing sustainability requirements.

Outstanding properties for automotive

  • Weight Reduction for lightening your components
  • Metal replacement from outstanding mechanical and wear resistance properties
  • Cost savings in energy consumption and cycle time reduction with High Flow
  • From high stiffness to elasticity
  • Dimensional stability thanks to lower processing temperature
  • Excelent surface finish in filled and unfilled grades
  • Exclusive materials for your requirements
  • R&D proven capabilities for join development projects
  • RECOMYDE® and INZEA® alternatives for meeting sustainable needs